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Journal of Innovative Research in Teacher Education (JIRTE) aims to present the compilation of up-to-date and innovative research papers, reviews, and argumentative essays on education in general and teacher education in particular. It is expected that the papers published in JIRTE will raise issues related to teacher education in various field areas; open up discussions related to those issues; suggest different methods of handling those issues or solving the related problems. It is also hoped that the studies published in JIRTE will provide the basis for timely discussions on the various areas of teacher education, and give direction to innovative research and practices. The paper accepted to JIRTE will be given DOI numbers and then published free of charge and with open access. JIRTE is an international peer-reviewed journal published three times a year in March, September, and December. In the reviewing processes, JIRTE uses the double-blind review method for all studies sent for publication. In this method the identities of the authors and reviewers are confidential. In order to ease this process, the authors are required to prepare and then check their manuscripts not disclosing any name or other identifying information. Authors can use MS Word’s ‘Document Reviewing’ feature for this purpose.
Studies to be published in JIRTE need to be carried out in any area of educational sciences, especially in teacher education.
  • They can be carried out in any form of quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-method research;
  • Literature analyses, meta-analyses, meta-synthesis studies, book reviews, and opinion papers can be sent to JIRTE for reviewing and publication.
  • JIRTE gives priority to research papers. Attention is paid to the issue that the number or quantity of review papers should not over-throw the number of research papers.
  • JIRTE is published in English only. (full text).
Being respectful to the ethical codes of academic research, copyrights, and human rights, JIRTE accepts research papers, compilations, book reviews and opinion papers for peer-reviewing and publication in the areas of educational sciences and teacher education listed below:
  1. Physical Training and Sports
  2. Computing, Computers and Instructional Technologies
  3. Educational Administration and Inspection
  4. Counseling and Psychological Guidance
  5. Curriculum and Instruction
  6. Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  7. Philosophical, Social, and Historical Foundations of Education
  8. Pre-school (Early Childhood) Education
  9. Elementary Education
  10. Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology in Education (Teaching Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology in Secondary Education)
  11. Turkish Language Education
  12. Literature Education (Arabic, English, French, German and etc.)
  13. History Education (History in Education/ History Teaching)
  14. Teaching Ataturk's Principles and History of the Turkish Revolution
  15. Geography Education
  16. Social Studies Education
  17. Science Education
  18. Biology Education
  19. Physics Education
  20. Chemistry Education
  21. Mathematics Education (primary and secondary)
  22. Fine Arts Education
  23. Modern Languages Education/Teaching (Arabic, English, French, German and etc.)
  24. Special Education (and its sub-fields)
  25. Other Areas Related to Education and Teacher Training
  26. Teacher Education and educational studies (all fields)


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