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Author Rights in JIRTE

Keeping Certain Reviewers Out of the Reviewing Process

The authors have the right to ask the Editor not to assign their manuscripts to certain reviewers due to conflict of interest or other ethical issues.
Besides, the Editor is to not send any manuscript to those reviewers,
● with whom the author(s) has/have shared publication(s) previously,
● who helped the author(s) in reading drafts of the given manuscript,
● who experienced problems with the author(s) beforehand,
● who may financially benefit from the publication of the given manuscript,
● who are working in the same institution (departments) with the author(s)
Withdrawing a Manuscript
The authors have the right to withdraw their manuscript before its publication. If they would like to do so they need to fill in the “Article Withdrawal Form”, sign it, and sent JIRTE for approval. Only those manuscripts obtaining the approval of the Editorial Board can be sent to other journals for publication.         
Appealing Against Reviewers’ Reports or the Decisions of the Editorial Board
The authors always have the right to appeal against the review reports or editorial board decisions. If they would like to do so they are supposed to justify their objection and add the necessary documents or evidence to their application. If the editor comes to the point, she/he may commence a fresh round of review.
Author Rights Related to Published Articles
  • The authors may inform the Editor about using their published in JIRTE for other purposes.
  • In response to this kind of inquiries, the Editorial Board is to provide relevant feedback.          
Typesetting Errors
The authors have the right to ask for correction of the typesetting errors or other problematic aspects, arising from themselves within ten days. 

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